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Don’t Call my Little Girl a Burden

I sometimes write a little adoption how-to guide in my head as advice to share with anyone else who may want to take this journey after us. It goes something like this: 1. Decide you’re going to adopt. Brainstorm a brilliant fundraising scheme and announce your plans to the world. 2. Have a medical crisis which renders your plan impossible just as you’re gaining momentum and realize you had no fallback. 3. Fall hopelessly to your knees and begin begging for wisdom from Heaven and providential guidance because you have no idea what you’re doing after all and everyone you know knows about your adoption plans because you’ve talked about it non-stop for weeks. 4. Open your eyes to realize you’re surrounded by a whole community of people who love children and that you’re actually not in this alone . 5. Learn to let go of your need to control your own universe and allow others to step in and help, offer skills, ideas and suggestions, and bless your soul in ways you could have never see…