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Bring your vessels, not a few

Okay. Forget everything I said in my last post about taking a break from fundraising! The time for being still is over and the time for action has come!!! We’ve made some decisions, we’re moving forward! Things are seriously in motion and we’re charged and ready to go!!! Steve and I are presently filling out our application to join an adoption agency, America World. We are asking to adopt from Haiti!!! From what we understand, to complete a Haitian adoption will take us about two years. We will complete a home study, which will take four to six months, and then wait for a referral. Sometime after that, we will travel to Haiti where we will spend two weeks being approved again by Haitian social workers and we will meet our child, although I do not know how much interaction we will have with her. After that, we will travel back to the US, without her, and eight months or so later, we will return to Haiti in order to bring her home to her forever family. Every country’s adoptio…