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Haiti Vision Trip

Mersi Jesus
     We did it!We went to Haiti; we took cold showers; we didn't drink the water; we ate new foods; we played with kids; we toured villages; we experienced traffic like you'll never find in the US!We shopped at Papillon Enterprises; we learned about sublimation at Life SA; we saw the sewing centers and walked through Pathways Academy. We worshiped with the local church, played with a lot of kids, made some life-long friends, and we made it home safe and sound!Now we are grappling with all kinds of questions, observations, ideas, and perspectives on reality that we will never fully comprehend.I'm warning you now that this may be a very long post, or series of posts, as my mind is racing and my fingertips can't begin to keep up.So grab your favorite hot beverage and find an easy chair, and I'll do my best to describe our first encounter with Haiti to you.      From the moment our plane landed in Port au Prince, we knew we were far, far from home.Simply gett…