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5 Things!

I am blogging tonight for my own benefit, to remind myself of things I already know and to keep my focus where it needs to be. Last week, I had to suddenly retire my Seeing Eye dog, something I wasn't planning to do for another four years. As I am struggling to adjust back to life with a cane, I am sentimental, stressed, and uncertain of my surroundings. My mind keeps replaying old familiar truths, and as I ponder them, they give me strength and courage. So, I am writing them down for myself—and if you are in a place of bewilderment, feel free to read on.  Maybe these words are for you, too.
In college, I was the chaplain for the Collegians Chorale. My main responsibility was to lead in weekly devotionals. I teach biblical lessons the same way I write—creatively, off-the-cuff, and often sprinkled with humor. I don't remember most of what I taught back then, but a few of the lessons God taught me during that time have remained in my heart and mind, and that's where my though…